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Client: The Ideas Foundation

Diversity in Advertising

In September at the IPA, a film I created the titles and graphics for (on behalf of MC – the film makers) in collaboration with The Ideas Foundation was launched. The goal of the film was to shine a light on the state of diversity currently present in UK advertising, while starting a discussion into the ways in which we might be able to improve it.

I created bold, colourful gems which represented the diverse culture we live in and used these to display the interviewee names as well as statistica segments. All graphics were created in After Effects.

Attendants ranged from Robin Wight (President of Engine), Jonathan Akwue (Engine Partner), John Hegarty (Founder BBH), Trevor Beattie (Founder BMB), Magnus Djaba (CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi) and many more. The showing of the film was followed by a discussion on the subject of diversity in advertising and ranged from discussing the problems with unpaid internships and problems with class priority in jobs.

Magnus Djaba

Watch the film below:

Diversity in Advertising – the film from Diversity in Advertising on Vimeo.