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Client: Empire Magazine

666 Greatest Horror Characters

For Halloween 2013 the Empire Online team wanted to celebrate in a special way, with a mammoth list of ‘The 666 Greatest Horror Movie Characters of All Time’ which would be hosted on It was my job to come with the styling of the online feature as well as illustrating the Top 20 characters. The feature has had over 750,000 hits with the likes of legendary horror director Wes Craven retweeting my Freddy Krueger illustration and Shaun Of The Dead’s director Edgar Wright tweeting about it and even the No.1 on the list, Ash from Evil Dead (Played by Bruce Campbell)!

Visit the feature here: Empire 666

I designed the opening image with a typographic reference to the original Dawn of the Dead poster:

All of the Top 20 Characters:

Empire 666 Illustrations

Some of the Top 20:

Empire 666 Leather Face and Ed from Shaun of the Dead

Empire 666 Ash and Bubs

Empire 666 Freddy Krueger and Dracula

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