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Personal Project

Imaginary Worlds

Visit interactive piece:
The idea with this doodle was to allow people to enter my psyche and to experience some fun in looking at illustration. I wanted them to enter my world and to enjoy looking around at what I put on the paper.

The piece took in theory a month but the majority was done over a week of barely any sleep. It measures just under 5ft x 5ft and is my largest illustration to date. It was hand drawn with pen and is drawn on without any prior planning. In the piece itself I have included many cultural references that Im fond of such as Doctor Who’s tardis, daleks, the delorean from back to the future and many more. There’s also a ‘Where’s Olly?’.

Video Time-Lapse:

Below are a selection of other ‘worlds’ I created but in a smaller size varying from A3 to A5.