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Client: Empire Magazine

June 2015 Jurassic World Cover

For the June 2015 edition of Empire Magazine I helped design and create the cover featuring Jurassic World. This required compositing and creating art for the cover, type treatment of the Empire logo and coverlines, die-cut preparation. I also created a simplified version for subscribers without the coverlines. The cover was die cut through the rips marks to reveal the main dinosaur from the film, the Indominus Rex. Moving into the digital realm I animated and brought the cover to life for the iPad edition with custom sound design as well as creating a cinematic style promo video for instagram. I fortunately met the director of the film who later described in the Empire podcast that he liked the cover – perks of the job!

Jurassic World Empire Magazine

Subscribers cover signed by Director Colin Trevorrow :

Empire's #JurassicWorld issue has landed. Head to for more details…

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