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Client: Secret 7/Laura Marling

Secret 7 Vinyl Cover for Laura Marling

This year I’ve taken part in Secret 7 ( The sale of the vinyls was a huge success with the majority selling out in an hour and half – crazy! It also now means I can show the final artwork.

I decided to do my cover for Laura Marling’s ‘The Beast’ which is beautiful poem of sorts. I know the usual type and style associated with Marling and wanted to do the opposite – try and break what people would expect. And so I tried a bit of a lo-poly illustration style which is bright and colourful. It’s meant to resemble some sort of tribal mask.

You can see my original sketch below along with the final.

Secret 7 Laura Marling - The Beast

Secret 7 Laura Marling - The Beast

Final artwork:
Laura Marling The Beast

Laura Marling The Beast Close Up

Original sketch:
Laura Marling The Beast original sketch

Alternate colouring:
Laura Marling The Beast Alternate colouring