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Client: Muse/Brontone Management

Muse Christmas Present

Every year the band Muse give their fans a christmas gift via their official website and fan mailing list. Over the years its been mainly audio tracks or live videos/360 videos. For 2012 they wanted to innovate and I was asked by their management to design and create the present. The brief was for fans to ‘build their own pop-up muse stage’ – recreate the tour stage Muse used on their recent european tour for The 2nd Law. (Link showing a selection of fan stages is at the bottom of this post). Tour stage pictured below:

Muse Tour Stage 2012

It was my responsibility to first come up with how to build it out of paper –  lots of trial and error involved and then design the actual visuals for each. Muse management also were keen to offer multiple ‘skins’ of stage visuals – due to time we could only get two version complete. The final instructions were delivered as PDFS with nets that were to be cut out and glued into shape.


Muse are also well known for having been cryptic with their fans, offering ‘hidden’ surprises. This was no exception, and ‘hidden’ within the stage designs was a link to two live audio tracks.

Also every year I’ve designed the image to represent the ‘gift’ which is used on the official website and sent to the fans via the muse newsletter. This years it was adapted to represent the use of TV screens in the new tour staging.

3D visuals of the 2nd Law pop-up stage using the real final artwork.

Popup muse stage without graphics:

Muse stage without graphics

To download/view the finals PDFs you must be a member of and it will soon be available in the members section.

I have created a dedicated website showing some of the fans reactions and those who have made the gift so far, check them out!

View Fan-built Stages and Reactions