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Client: Museum of London

Our Londinium 2012 Exhibition

Last year I was commissioned by the Museum of London to produce a series of illustrations as a visual identity for a new exhibition to coincide with the Olympics called ‘Our Londinium 2012′. They asked me to adapt my doodle style to incorporate modern day and roman objects to build a larger final image. The objects that would make up the final image were all chosen by the museum’s youth panel ‘Junction’. The same panel that chose the doodle style for the exhibition! (Cheers guys!). From the very start the nickname ‘The Doodlist’ was given to me, think it might catch on!

The illustrations will be used for the marketing and internal displays of the exhibition which runs from 22 June 2012 until 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and meeting the panel that have helped organise it all. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

More info:
“The Museum of London is working with young people and artists over two years to create bold and imaginative installations in its popular Roman Gallery and other key spaces in 2012.The project will feature new sculptures, creative films, animations and sound, witty and thought-provoking insertions of contemporary objects, drama performances, Latin-inspired poetry slamming and other exciting events…”

A recent article on the guardian website talks to the Junction panel, read here/

Read more on the exhibition here


Modern Objects used:

Roman Objects used:

Adverts in the Evening Standard and the Metro newspaper:

Advert in the Evening StandardAdvert in the Metro newspaper

Postcards handed out to various London venues and in the UK. These were given out with the chance of winning a pair of converse doodled by me!

Postcards in various London venues


Flyposting around London:
Flyposting in London
Flyposting around LondonFlyposting in London

Animation/illustration for video to be shown in the Museum foyer:

Our Londinium 2012 teaser trailer from Museum of London on Vimeo.

Animation in Museum foyer

The exhibition itself including extra illustrations I was commissioned to do including famous sites in landmarks in london such as St Pauls, Wembley Stadium, London Eye etc:

Landmark illustrationsLandmark illustrations

Our Londinium 2012
Our Londinium 2012