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Client: RNLI

Respect the Water

I was commissioned to design and animate a series of small videos for a campaign of ‘Respect the Water’ for the RNLI targeting 11-16 year olds. (These were also combined into one big video.) Using simple animation style and a bit of humour we worked together to get the message across of being careful of the sea. We created a character out of the sea called ‘Prince Poseidon’ who was young, naive and playful. Most importantly he was a character you couldn’t trust fully, you have to respect and be wary. I came up with multiple designs for the character from looking playful to scary however the focus groups responded most to the simplified line drawings.

Final video:

Character Development – ‘The Boris Johnson of the sea’:

We simplified the design of the character

Alternate Character designs:

Animated gifs that were used as ads:

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