Creative Review Blog Feature

As I have already posted before, my degree show was last week and it has been a joy this week watching people enticed and drawn in by my work. As part of a day of invigilation I decided to set up the camera once again and to continue my stop motion and to add more detail to the work. (I feel I could keep going for months on it). This allowed me to chat to passersby and tell them more about my work.  It also gave me a chance to look around at the plethora of other fantastic design amongst the rest of my year, great inspiration.

Creative Review also had a look around and have done an article on the exhibition featuring myself and others! You can check it out here:

New Mockup Website Design

Got bored so decided to have a crack at a new design (highly doubt I will change it though.)

Not entirely sure what’s happening with it atm, just mucking around with different ideas, this is a sneak peak of part of it. I still wanna keep the quirkiness some how…

Web 2

New Website and Blog Design up!


The new design for my main website and blog has finally been finished. I’ve kept it simple once again and intergrated the blog a lot better than the previous version. I will eventually return to the daily doodle challenge and continue where I left off.