Olly Gibbs

The Brotherhood of the Binks

Client: Self-INITIATED

The brotherhood of the binks

Over the years I have become well known for creating parody posters of Star Wars featuring Jar Jar Binks. Having gone viral quite a few times, topped Reddit, had news channels use the posters, received positive comments from LucasArts and prompted a discussion of a Darth Binks. The process has been a fun exercise in developing my Photoshop skills as well as supporting the underdog in the biggest film franchise and trying to bring more love back to the character. The posters have even been used in cinemas to promote the film by accident!

It all began with the poster for the new Star Wars The Force Awakens. I decided to have a bit of fun with reimagining it with the world’s favourite character, Jar Jar Binks, in a parody. Since posting it it’s reached almost 6,000 retweets on twitter, 500,000 views on IMGUR and has been written about by press outlets such as Radio Times, Hollywood Reporter, Polygon, CNET, The Verge. 

For April Fools 2016 I couldn’t resist continuing my Jar Jar Binks poster obsession by creating a brand new poster for the upcoming Star Wars film ‘Rogue One’. As there had been no trailer or official poster artwork released yet I saw it as a prime time for a foolin’. I posted it on Reddit and Twitter and amassed just under 3,000,000 views on IMGUR and it was the top post on Reddit for the day.